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The UECC, the United Evangelical Christ 'Church - in short: Christ' Church


a 'living' church community for everyone, really everyone, searching for and believing in God Almighty and Jesus Christ. A real family church

As mentioned, the UECC the Christ 'Church is a real, loving and living church for everyone. Simply enter and know that you are welcome. Be yourself and start a conversation with others, at the UECC, the Christ 'Church, that's possible, we build experienced relationships with others, with each other, as a gift from God. Together with you, other seekers and believers, we want to come together again and again, we want to command God, we seek Him and listen to His stalk through the Holy Spirit.

In faith in God, in Jesus Christ everyone can grow to be 'beautiful people' and together you can receive, discover, develop and share your talents. How beautiful that is.

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Within the UECC, Christ'Church, we actively deal with discovering (your) talents, creating opportunities, with education, with deepening what is believing and social issues. God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, life as a believing member of the UECC, the climate, environment, humans and animals, the UECC, Christ'Church, deal with this consciously and enthusiastically. After all, everything has an effect on (almost) every area of ​​our lives! We already said it: you are always welcome - but always through introduction - to one of our collaborations in one of (click here for country and / or (sub)) municipalities.


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There are various services and in some countries there are different services and hours, please check in advance. On average the services on Sunday are as follows: On Sunday 10:00 am to 10:25 am: walk in and (greet each other!). There is always coffee, tea, lemonade and there are grandma's cookies. 10.30 am strictly !! we start with the Worship. The Word of God is central but is open to what the Holy Spirit wants to do in us. We give a lot of room for the personal THANKS prayer. Everyone is urgently invited to sit together after the Worship and eat the delicious soup and sandwiches. Are you there (again)?


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In many places, especially in Asia and, out of solidarity with them, also in Europe, UNDERGROUND organized a kind of (extra) small worship services in the living room format. Central is the intensification of mutual contacts, assistance, listening ear and prayer for each other. Evenings, the focus is on contact and prayer for each other. And no, we have not forgotten it: in the first place is mentioned worship and singing for God, for Jesus Christ.



We already called it PRAYING and SINGING are of enormous importance, of great value in everything that the UECC, Christ 'Church is and does. Every week we come together to PRAY and SING. Praying is growing in your faith, in your relationship with God. Praying is building your church together the UECC Christ'Church. Building together on your church, our church, Body of Jesus Christ. PRAYING and SINGING is one. And don't forget that commandments also have a huge impact on everything and who we (want) to be. But also in our environment, the world around us. We PRAY and SING gratefully and longingly, qlonging for His Love. We would like to propagate, share, and give that PRAYING AND SINGING is also our way of bearing our gratitude to God for all that we may receive and for all the works of His Hand. And oh yes, let's not forget that we can also enjoy being together, living together as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. We have said it a few times: take a look at the page of the municipality / place where you want to visit the UECC / Christ'Church or become a "online" member of our beloved "family church"!