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EC-LIFE-FARM, whats in a name , right?

EC stands for easy, relaxed, let it go, don't worry.

LIFE is respect life, taking care all living animals, happy life and ....

FARM, yes that's what we are: a natural farm! We allow nature to do what nature do. As much as possible in today's world, rules, laws and the welfare of our visitors, staff and the animals in our care.

It's not our intention to be a perfect farm, not the most beautiful, not the finest. But it is our intention to create a happy place to be, both for people, visitors and our animals.  To achieve that we will do the best we can, we will work hard to see these goals achieved. 

On EC-LIFE-FARM our animals can walk as free as possible. Of course we need to create some safe area's for them to be protected from harm and danger. Predators, thief's, dangerous people with bad intentions and a nearby highway, force us to put fences, stables and a strong electronic defence network. But that's ok, that's how and what todays society is demanding.But don't worry there is more than enough space for our animals. There is more than enough space for you and your children also. And yes, EC-LIFE-FARM is not only a lovely place to be for our cows, horses, ducks, chicken and so on, but so much also a place for you to be! Bring your family, your children to EC-LIFE-FARM. 

You will find so much to do on EC-LIFE-FARM, so much to see, to remember, to learn and.... so much time to relax and escape from your daily stress and responsibilities. 

For you madame, sir there is a relaxing walk on the farm, there are animals to experience, there are many possibilities to recover and if you like it, and if you like You can sit back and do nothing, just rest for a few hours, relax, catch up with your loved one. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and various non-alcoholic drinks are available in the small sari-sari store in EC-LIFE-FARM. Of course there are cold and hot snacks for sale, we will already enjoy serving you. And ... all free of animal ingredients. Speaking of which, smoking is of course strictly prohibited in EC-LIFE-FARM, because health is central in EC-LIFE-FARM. Obviously.

There's more things to do if you want to get in there. We built training tracks, exercise tracks especially for you and we simply built all kinds of climbing and height equipment.

Of course there is also the possibility to cool down. What about a lovely fresh shower? Or is rinsing your feet enough for you? All this is possible on EC-LIFE-FARM.

We would like to invite you to visit EC-LIFE-FARM.

A modest private simple cabin or cottage is available, but there are not that many so .... book in time.


Entrance: PHP 250 per person from 16 years and limited for a half day, for example from 08.00AM till 11.50AM or from 12.30PM till 5PM or any part of that period!

When children come along, at least 2 (paying) adult supervisors must be present. If not still there is a payment for 2.

Cabin rental: only PHP200 per half day as above.

Cottages or guest houses can be rented for only PHP 350 per half day as above.