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EC Store

EC-STORE's, non-profit aid shops are focused on offering high quality, new or hardly used power tools, clothing, shoes, tools, kitchen utensils, even small refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and (computer) hardware in general, at such a low price.

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The aim of EC-STORE is to offer goods, services, professional information as well as free help with setting up small businesses and mini-credits in the broadest sense. 

EC-STORE is mainly aimed at developing self-reliance in certain areas. Making a profit is not the main goal of EC-STORE.

In EC-SORES you find Power Tool Repair Made Easy .  

In EC-STORES  you find Baby  clothes,  baby boy clothes,  baby girl clothes,  newborn baby  clothes.

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EC-STORE (EC stands for “easy”), is a ministry of the UECC, which also includes HELPusNOW Child's Care Philippines, EC-LIFE-FARM, as well as ORIHERBA NATURAL PRODUCTS. EC-STORE makes it easier for people to access basic products at a low cost and in some cases even free. In the whole of Asia, but certainly in the Philippines, a customer can buy 'units' of the product instead of the entire package. For example, one can buy one paracetamol, candy, tea bag, nail or screw for a few pesos instead of a whole package. This is useful for those who cannot buy the whole package or don't need much of something. EC-STORE also offers the possibility of renting various goods or tools, because many (especially simple craftsmen or women) have no money to buy a drill, concrete shears, sewing machine or micro-wave to name just a few examples. Where distressing poverty or urgent aid is required, EC-STORE provides free (first) aid. EC-STORE saves customers extra transport costs, because with small energy-efficient mobile shops, items are also offered or donated in remote areas. To be clear: all profits made in  EC-STORE goes 100% to HELPusNOW / Child's Care Philippines.

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EXTRA attention is paid to medical problems in the immediate vicinity and in particular we look at and how people can be helped with, for example, free bandages, simple (OTC) medicines, prosthetic bras and so on. This assistance only goes through local doctors / clinics, which are tested in advance for reliability.


EC-STORE's aim is to acquire a clear place as part of the Filipino culture and thus become an integral part of Filipino life. EC-STORE aims to be a constant feature in residential areas, in both rural and urban areas, but mainly aimed at the poorest communities. Consumables, tools, power tools, kitchen utensils, clothing and much more can be purchased favorably from the local EC-STORE, which will also increase economic activity in the area and this will boost general well-being for ordinary citizens. EC-STORE ..... fits your budget!

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Every EC-STORE is a place where people can meet. It is very important that people can come together to ask questions about goods, products, services or how they can be used or applied. Free explanation of how to use or apply certain devices or machines is of great importance. In this way, EC-STORE contribute to the community and all people get used to other things, which may lead to new enthusiastic professionals and happy citizens.

EC-STORE clothing

EC-STORE fits your budget. Top quality products brand-new and pre-loved from Europe available in Samar and Leyte. Naturally, EC-STORE also focuses on climate change, the environment, nature and natural well-being. In the near future, we will purchase more and more products in Asia ourselves and phase out transports from Europe step by step.

EC-STORE: very small stores, but very important.